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Our teens today need direction and motivation regardless of their race, cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds.

Through courage and determination, they can succeed at greater heights.



Our mission is to inspire and transform the mindset of our youth to discover their magic.


We are a non-profit organization that aims to empower our teens to believe they are better than the hype, creating successful & productive citizens.




We serve teens of all cultures and racial backgrounds, with a focus on inner-city youth. Our program has helped youths with socioeconomic challenges create a future when they couldn't see one, through goal setting and plan of action. We provide a safe space for communication with trauma healing discussions, encouraging self-awareness, boosting self-confidence, character building and community involvement.

Boundless & Beyond™ Enterprises provides services such as after-school programs, personal growth, educational, health & fitness, and Life Coaching catering to youths ages 13-19 years old. Our program is a combination of prevention and self-development, including yoga, journaling, group discussions, homework assistance and onsite field trips, minimizing high risk behaviors such as, substance abuse, school drop-out and violence. We focus on listening to the needs of our teens and helping them make informed decisions, and promoting life, social and leadership skills.


Yali Giovanni knows firsthand what can happen when disadvantaged youth are misguided. Because of this, she is on a mission to change the narrative. She is a mother, Certified Life Coach for Teens, and Trauma Incident Reduction Specialist. Yali Giovanni founded Boundless & Beyond™ afterschool program, a self-development program for teenagers that focuses on healing from within, releasing limiting beliefs and powerlessness. She is also the author of Building Inner Strength and Power for a Better You, workbook.



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